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10 Reasons Why Online Casinos in Malaysia Are Getting More Popular

Online Casinos are a buzzword in Malaysia nowadays, and the number of people enjoying this lifestyle activity in the country has never been higher. Traction to virtual casinos has increased several folds over the last 10 years. And with this extra traction the number of wins and revenues has significantly gone up. Could this be happening because of widespread internet connectivity across the country? Or is it because of the convenience that comes with playing online? While there is no doubt about the future of this noble activity, the big question of what propels the online casino Malaysia craze lingers.

1.No travel expenses
The cost of using a taxi in Malaysia is pretty high as most trips will easily cost you between RM 10 and RM 15 within the city center. Public transport on the other hand such as the bus or metro are at least cheap but not all places in Malaysia can be easily reached by bus or metro. For this reason, online casino Malaysia is getting more popular as you don’t have to walk, take a taxi, catch a train or fly to a brick and mortar casino just to gamble. With no travel expenses, casino lovers are able to save a lot of money and use it to gamble.

2.Less Risk
Compared to playing offline, there is much less financial risk playing casino games online. Many sites provide you with the option to play with dummy money or credits and this allows you to enjoy the game without risking anything. You also get the convenience of choosing when to put your money on the table because unlike in a brick-and-mortar outlet, you are unlikely to face any pressure to play with real money when playing online. Many young people in Malaysia reportedly feel more secure gambling online because of the flexibility to gamble what they can afford to lose.

3.It is Cheaper To Start
On average, playing in an online casino Malaysia platform is cheaper as the fees are generally very low. Moreover, every new day brings many new incentives (bonuses) that maximize the winning chances and makes different contests even more interesting. This is in addition to the fact that you can join the “Just for Fun” tournaments and play with dummy coins without any entry fees. As a beginner, you will find this to be an ideal situation as you gain experience firsthand.

4.Players Are Rewarded For Being Loyal
Loyalty points provide the much needed shot in the arm for all players whether they win or lose. This means that when you play your favorite game, even if you lose, you will still be gaining points which you can use later to redeem prizes. This is the trend among online casino Malaysia providers. Users are rewarded with loyalty points for being loyal to a particular online platform.

5.More Flexibility Of Payment Methods
Brick and mortar Casinos in the country are quite rigid when it comes to accepting payments. Last we checked cash was the preferred method of buying chips. But the online systems are quite advanced. You can make a secure deposit instantly using popular eMoney channels such as Paypal, Credit/Debit card, Skrill, Neteller and many, many more. Best of all, all these payment systems retain all of the payers anonymity and security.

6.Fresh Games 24/7
One big significant benefit of online casino Malaysia technology is unlimited storage capacity. As such, you will find that the games selection is not limited and the quality is top-notch. On average, a single online platform can accommodate hundreds of new games in addition to the classic ones. This allows you to explore a world full of options so you can come up with a list of favorites. Best of all, you can enjoy your favorite slots around the clock because the arena remains open any day, any time.

7.No Boundaries
Malaysians are among the most adventurous people in the world, we like exploring all opportunities within and outside our reach. This has been made possible by the onset of online casinos where no geographical boundaries exist. The rules of the games are universal. This is quite an exciting and interesting way to meet new people and learn new ideas. There is also an opportunity to be exposed to new backgrounds, ideas, cultures and tactics.

8.Players Are Not Limited On Bet Sizes
Normally, brick and mortar casinos have tight rules on bet sizes and stakes. The main reason for this is that running such a facility is quite expensive, as the overheads have to be covered. But online casino Malaysia platforms are quite different. They are cheaper to run and maintain and therefore they can offer more wagering options. This is a great benefit to players of all budget levels since they can invest in different sized stakes and get better value for money.

9.Socially Accepted
Online poker is considered a fun activity that is played for leisure and profit. Having started back in 1969, gambling in Malaysia has grown in leaps and bounds.

10.Play Without Any Restrictions
The online environment is more friendly and welcoming. There are no restrictions. There are no cops. Just you, your money and your favorite slots.

Final Word

The rise of online casino Malaysia industry has resulted from a fairly relaxed legal framework, cheaper enrolment costs and a growing need for more fun and new ways to connect. In addition, many more players that are new are able to practice the games freely on the net before trying games out for real money. That is a privilege that was never enjoyed by Malaysian gamblers before.

Further to that, there is this new trend of loyalty cards. Every time you sign in and play, you earn points which you can cash in your next live visit. This is the ideal opportunity to play without digging too deep into your pockets.

Clearly, there are more than 10 reasons why online casinos in Malaysia are getting more popular. You don’t have to be a pro to start. Just try out a few free tournaments and practice until your skills are much improved.

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10 Reasons to Play at Online Casino Malaysia

If you are a fan of casino games, then you need to sign up in online casino Malaysia. This is a casino which will make you enjoy each time you will feel like betting. As a gambler you may be restricted when playing casino games due to your busy schedule, but things will be different after you decide to go online. Nowadays you can use your personal computer, smartphones or even tablets to access the internet. Provided you are connected to the internet, you will be free to gamble in any game you will like to bet. The online platforms have been designed in such a way you will achieve the great feel of being in a casino floor while you are relaxed on your bed. You will access all your favourite games for you to play. Even if you have never played in online casinos before, you will easily get started after you decide to read detailed descriptions offered by the online casinos.

1. Allows great Convenience
After you sign up in online casino Malaysia, you will enjoy great convenience. While in your home you can access several games for you to play via your desktop computer. When out of home you can use smartphones to access the platform from where you will play. You will not have to plan for a short journey from your home to where the casinos are located so that you will play. You will save your car fuel but still play your favourite games. There are several ways you can save in Malaysia after you decide to play in the online casinos. For example, you will not have to pay parking fees, fuel for your car or meals at the casinos.

2. Low Betting Limits
You will not be restricted due to your ability to raise money which you can use to bet. There are several games available which you will easily locate one suitable for you. The different games available are priced at different rates. This makes it very easy for you to locate a game which you will easily afford. You will always stick to your budget when playing online because there will be no influence from other people who may make you overspend like in the case of local casinos where you can go out gambling with your friends who will make you spend more than your budget allows.

3. Massive Progressive Jackpots
When playing in online casino Malaysia you will be connected to many people all over the world. This makes it easy for you to win bug money in jackpots. You can use less money to bet but you can be a lucky winner who will walk away with a jackpot. You will be playing with millions of Malaysians after you decide to participate in the online platforms.

4. Wide Selection of Games
You will play in unlimited slots. Even if your favourite game cannot be found in local casinos, you will easily find the game online. If you will prefer old fashioned games, you will have them. You can also decide to engage in the latest games in the casino games. You can take advantage of free games available online for you to learn how new games are played in the online platforms. The online platforms have animations and graphics which will make you develop a feel of real casino games at the comfort of your bed or office desk.

5. High Pay-out Percentages
Pay-out percentages are amounts which you will be paid after winning a certain game in your gambling adventure. You will discover most online casino Malaysia will have higher pay-out percentages when compared to land based casino games. This makes it easy for you to win huge if you are a talented player.

6. Online casino Malaysia offers Welcome Bonuses and Free Money
You will be offered a bonus upon singing up. This will make it easy for you to bet in several games which will increase your chances of winning. If you do not have a lot of experience in certain games, you can use the free bonuses for you to practice and gain exposure on how certain games are played. There are also free money offered after you increase your deposits. This will assure you great returns on your money which you will use to bet.

7. Very secure
You will be assured of great security when playing on online casinos. This is simply because you will play when in your home. Even if you will spend several hours till midnight gambling, you will not have to travel at night back home which can expose you to dangers of robbery on the way. The online systems have been designed with great safety features which will assure you great security for your money.

8. Have Better Control over Your Play
You will spend your money wisely when gambling online. Remember most land casinos in Malaysia will offer you complimentary drinks. You will be tempted to overspend after you are drunk than when you will be sober in your home betting online. Online betting makes it easy for you to stick to your budget when betting in your favourite games.

9. No Crowds or Waiting to Play
Most local casinos in Malaysia will be filed with people waiting to play. Others will play while smoking which make the room uncomfortable for you to stay for long. You will also be in a rush to play considering there are other people lining behind you. In online casinos you will be relax in a comfortable room where you will gamble while concentrating.

10. Free Play to Test out a New Game
You will have freedom to test new games before you start playing with your money. This is a great advantage you will only enjoy in online casinos. All off-line casinos in Malaysia will require you to pay before you can play. You can decide to spend several hours playing free versions of the new games so that you will develop enough experience before you decide to gamble using your money.

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5 Tips To Win In Online Gambling Malaysia

Online casinos are the web versions of the traditional brick and mortar type of casinos. Online casinos allow the players to play for real prize money. Many online gambling Malaysia sites also allow the player to use fake money and play free. This is a marketing strategy, which the online casinos use to attract the player into the real money games. These online casinos have traditional games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and slot machines. Most of the games are automated; however, the games like poker and blackjack involve other human players who have logged in for the same reason as you, to win money in online gambling Malaysia.

How do these online casinos function?

The online gambling circuit, work in a similar fashion to the traditional casinos. They propose certain odds to the gambler who agrees beforehand on the payback percentages, which are set by the casinos. The game with the highest payback percentage is slots. It should be noted that the online casinos use programmable software to generate random numbers on the cards in games like poker and blackjack. The online casinos have multiple advantages, you can log on anytime and play your favorite games without having to get out of your house and travel all the way to a brick and mortar casino . There are a few disadvantages to choosing to play on an online gambling Malaysia website as well .These are that you need a reliable high-speed internet connection at all times while playing. Secondly, it necessitates the installation of a flash player on your browser. Nowadays many online casinos are introducing their applications on various platforms like the iOS and the android platforms. This is making the casino accessible by almost anyone.

Types of online gambling in Malaysia 

There are two ways to play online casino games. You can either download the game and play it on your device, or play it on a web-based browser. The web based online casinos are played using the flash setting on the browser. Moreover, since all the sounds, animation and effects are loaded onto the browser, a plug in is required. Many online casinos allow the user to play games on a plain styled HTML interface. The games, which require flash, are prohibited on the portable devices like the iPhone and the iPad. The second type is the downloadable online gambling Malaysia games. The main characteristic of the downloadable casino games that a player does not require browser support. One noticeable feature of the downloadable online casino is that the speed with which the entire proceedings run is much faster. The reason for this that the sound and the graphic settings have already been downloaded by the application beforehand. Therefore while running the app; there is no need for the sound and the images to be downloaded from the internet. This form of online casino is more beneficial as it is involves lower risks and does not involve the download of malicious viruses. In addition, the sounds and the quality of graphics are advanced as compared to the online gambling Malaysia web casino.

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5 tips to win at an online casino 

Budget: Set aside a limit that you are willing to part with if push comes to shove. Half the work is done when you can efficiently manage your money. If you keep a limit aside, by the time you come closer to the limit, you will become more cautious while playing and will end up saving a major part of it. Playing by the book can lead to gains most of the time. By forcing yourself to monitor every bet that you make will end up costing much less. You can also set aside a certain amount to play at a poker game and can set aside some more money to play at a blackjack game.

Watch other players: Watch how the other players in the online gambling Malaysia game bet and try to place a few of the bets based on their patterns. Some players bet very coyly when they have a bad hand. Use this technique to raise the bet and intimidate the player into folding the pot to you. If you see that a person has a shaky hand, you can intimidate the player into folding by the sheer power of bluffing. While betting, be aware of the other players. Be wary to involve the rest of the players and milk their bets.

Choose the game: Online casinos have various games to choose from .One can choose from a wide variety of slots or roulette or poker even. Instead of opting for a scattergun, method of playing focus only on one or two games that will help you to develop and learn the skills well before advancing. Eventually practice will enable the player to develop his own system of playing that will be effective to increase the chances of beating the online casinos.

Go to a lower skill game: Most people do not know this but when you log onto the online casino, going into a lower skilled game will improve your chances of winning. As the people are not seeing you, in real it becomes difficult for them to guess when you are bluffing and when you have a good hand. This is a great way to make long-term earnings. You can equally divide your time between advanced games and low skilled games.

Know when to stop: An integral part of winning in online gambling Malaysia is knowing when to stop. Most of the times, when the players start losing, they try to make up losses by placing wild bets in hope of doubling their winnings and covering their losses. This is when the players start to burn out. Online gambling Malaysia casinos love it when the winning player starts to burn out. This implies more profits as the player is less alert. If you notice that, you are tires and hardly winning any bets, that means you are heavily suffering from a burn out.

Take advantages of the opportunity and try to enjoy yourself. Online gambling Malaysia is entertaining and thrilling. It will give you an adrenaline rush when you win a lot of money.

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 5 Reasons Why Playing At Online Casino Is Fun

Online betting has received appreciation from the people of all age group. Some developed features such as easy accession, interesting graphic, sounds, and the themes have made it a popular choice. Both the experienced and beginners enjoy this game. In these games, you can get a seat for yourself even at the comfort of your home without spending much. In an online casino, you will get more than a hundred games and can choose any of them of your interest. The best thing about the online betting Malaysia is that you can get Jackpots and bonuses. Online gambling is well valued by all those who want to have fun and have a great time with impressive and exciting casino slots. Different online slots have different features, themes, graphics, and sounds.

There are many reasons for this growing popularity of online gambling such as massive progressive jackpots, a number entertaining slots and themes, bonuses, interesting themes, wild symbol, and different characters. All these things make online betting a good and favorite option among the casino players.

If you are a new player and you are yet to discover the magic of the online betting Malaysia, then go through this article. In this article, you will find five reasons of why you should enjoy the online betting and what the advantages of these online slots are. Try your luck after reading this article; you will certainly realize the difference.

  1. Easily Accessible

You do not need to go out to play online betting Malaysia, you can play it at the comfort of your home and at any of your convenient time. Do you want more? It is available for 24/7. Hence, you can simply utilize your free time and enjoy the online gambling most. It is particularly preferable for those who do not like to go out and want to enjoy the game within their room. It is helpful for both the beginner and the experienced.

If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot of things in the comfort of your home without thinking much about other reaction. You will have wide options on the internet to learn new things and to utilize them for your online gambling. You might find it difficult to learn new things in a live venue as you fell restricted because of other’s presence. If you are experienced, you do not need to go out as you know how to play this game perfectly and how to be in a preferred place and how to win a game. Currently, many slots are available on the mobile. If you have a mobile with a broadband connection, you can play it at any time. Moreover, while playing at home or at any of your private place, you can start the game with much lower betting targets.

  1. Jackpots

If you are a casino player, you must have realized that Jackpot is one of the major attractions of the online betting Malaysia. If you want to win jackpots then prepare yourself to win the slots. This is the only way that can help you to win the jackpot. Almost all the online slots offer jackpots. Jackpots make people win a huge amount even more than your expectation. Some of the casino players have become rich by winning these jackpots. These jackpots are worth six to seven digits, and you will not be surprised if the digit number becomes eight. By winning a jackpot, you can certainly be a wealthy person. Think about it. You can be one of them with a good luck and repeated efforts.

  1. Try with fun- sub games

Online betting Malaysia is not always for earning money. You can also play it for the fun and to explore new things. You will find hundreds of the options in casinos to entertain yourself and to have a great fun. If you are bored by playing one game repeatedly, you can try some other options. New video slots are coming into this industry with better and exciting graphics and fun-sub games. For those who are not familiar with this concept, this sub game is within the main slot that gets activated on something that you accomplish in the main game of any slot.

  1. Bonus

Bonus points are not new for the casino games. It is there with this online betting Malaysia since the beginning. You will get many welcome bonuses and packages when you first sign up with any online slots. Some casinos offer many interesting perks to keep the players engage for a longer time. If you are new in this industry and you are trying your luck for the first time then you will certainly get some bonuses and utilize all of them in different casinos to learn more about this fun game and to explore new and exciting ideas. You can also get up to hundred free spins. You should research about all these things before the entry. Moreover, different casinos have different features. Hence, go through it before the start.

  1. Start without investment

Everyone will like this idea. You can learn many things and enjoy a lot with no investment. Is not it interesting? Many sites offer a play mode that you can only play for fun and try to learn without risking your money. This is only for fun and learning purpose. By this procedure, you will not be able to earn any money, but you will get a good platform to learn new skills and to know how to successfully play online betting Malaysia. If you want to enjoy the game only, then this is the best idea. Here you can play without any fear as you have nothing to lose and win. You can simply enjoy this game while sitting on your sofa or traveling.

Now, what are you looking for? Can you expect more from any other game? Go and enjoy the online gambling and have a great time. You do not need to investment your money and you do not need to go out as well. Start this game at the comfort of your home and have fun.

5 Reasons Why Online Betting Malaysia Is Trustable

Betting in Malaysia is extremely popular and safe. The foreign bookmakers ensure that the transactions take place in complete security. The good news for the betters is that there is no dearth of good foreign online betting sites, which accept the Malaysian Ringgit as a form of currency. However, recent trends have shown that there has been lot of requests from the citizens to make betting legal in Malaysia. During recent sporting events, Malaysian citizens bet almost 1 million ringgit on online betting sites. This brought the betting game to the notice of the prime minister who understood that the financial profits which could be accrued form betting were enormous. If betting was made safe and legal for the citizens, it will take enormous amounts of money out of the reach of the criminals and will put it into the government treasury. This will evidently lead to economic development.

Identity: A common trend while registering on the online betting Malaysia sites all of the sites will ask for your identity proof. This proof can be provided via a scan of the photo ID card or by uploading a scan of the utility bill. For the photo ID card, you can provide either your driver’s license or your passport. If you do not have, any of this proof available at your disposal do not even bother trying to bet. The authorities will report any malicious behavior instantly. The one thing that has to be done is to ensure maximum security in the online betting Malaysia sites is by being able to recognize everyone who is performing betting activities. In cases of a utility bill, the electricity bill, or the phone bill are preferred choices. In some cases, the water bill, the internet bill, and a cable bill are also recognized as valid proof. This is the first layer of security, which is almost impenetrable. If you want access to safe, payment options while betting then you have to take the initiative and submit original documents. This will ensure that the authorities have control over the legitimacy of the online betting Malaysia site and increase revenues.

Safety in banking: The safety in banking arises out of the massive prevalence of the European bookmakers as compared to local bookmakers. European bookmakers are honest and are thorough professionals. There are no underhand deals on these sites. The banking process of payment in these foreign sites is to open an e wallet. This is a virtual wallet which is password protected. The basic process involves, opening up on an account on the website, which accepts payments either in USD or in Ringgits. There is another option to apply for an online debit card. The debit card comes along with a pin number. The debit card can be used anywhere and everywhere. With debit cards the process of the transactions become much easier. An additional benefit with these online debit cards is that most sites accept the use of it for payments. The transaction involving the debit card are hundred percent secure and private.

Safety in terms of payback: There is no cheating involved in any of these online betting Malaysia sites. The Europeans believe in forming positive relationship and are true to their word. The losses are immediately deducted from your account and the profits are immediately credited to your account. The wins and losses are based on two types of odds, the negative odds, and the positive odds. When the odds are displayed in a negative number format, it means that the player betting for an underdog team with less than fifty percent chance of winning is liable to be paid huge earning if the team wins. For example if the odds are minus zero point five ringgit, means that you have invest only zero point five ringgit in order to avail of the opportunity to win one ringgit . The positive odds means that when you bet on a champion team with a more than fifty percent chance of winning , then the player will not receive as much in terms of earnings . For example if you bet on a team with a positive zero point five chance odd then it means that for every one ringgit which you invest , you are liable to get zero pint five ringgit . Maintaining a balance between the negative odds portfolio and the positive odds portfolio is imperative to optimizing the output.

Highly encrypted software: the 128 bit encrypted software that is used in the online betting Malaysia sites is the same encryption software that is used in the military in order to encrypt their data. The hacking into these sites is next to impossible. The minute you ask for a withdrawal from any of these sites, they should not have a problem doing it immediately for you. This is because these sites have already attained permission from the governments in the form of licenses in order to make immediate transactions with the customer no matter what country they, might be from. It is imperative to stay cautious, as there might be many frauds on the site, who may ask you for your password or your information while posing like members.

Continuous customer support: the betting sites have a staff of well-trained professionals who can see to it that whatever query or doubt that the customer has is answered immediately. The support lines are open 24 hours and worried customers can easily arrange to arrange an appointment with them over the phone. They will provide you with all relevant information regarding the terms and conditions of the site and the authenticity of the site.

Moreover, by checking the customer support on the site and by reading the online reviews one will notice that the sites are very safe, have all received positive customer feedback. Online betting Malaysia has become a popular trend in the last few years and the industry possess many opportunities to the companies that can bring in adequate safety and ease of access while providing excellent odds. The only thing one has to be careful about is maintaining is own security on these sites .

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Top 10 Online Casino Games

The online casino gaming culture has been around for almost 10 years now. Internet has made casino games accessible to almost everybody now. It is no more for the rich and the extravagant. For those who are serious in gambling, going every day to the casino does not make sense. However, the idea of wearing comfortable clothes and gambling at the comfort of your home with a steadier hand is been made possible with the online casino Malaysia.

Blackjack: the blackjack card game is a fun and entertaining card game in which the player competes to win against the house. This game allows six players to play per table. The dealer and the players will sit on either side of the table. The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to the each of the players both face up. The dealer himself takes 2 cards, one face up and one face down. The aim of the game is for each of the player to get as close to 21, without going over. If they go over 21, then it is a bust .If the layer gets a face card and an ace, and then he automatically wins.

Craps: The game is a highly energetic card game. The game is based on the occurrence of number 7. The pass line in the game is what most people concentrate on. The pass line contains numbers on which a bet can be placed. The dice is rolled. Only the numbers 7 and 11 win. The rest of the numbers are established point and the numbers 12, 3 and 2 always lose. If any of the numbers on the established points are rolled before the number 7 is rolled, then the numbers win. The do not pass line is the complete opposite of the pass line. In the do not pass line, the numbers 2 and 3 and 12 always win and 7 and 11 always loses. The established points rule remains the same. The numbers 2, 3,4,9,10,11, and 12 always win on the field line. The numbers 12 and 2 always pay double. After a point is established, it becomes part of the come line. The come line and the pass line is always the same.

Poker: Poker is a basic card game, which follows the rule of five. The rankings of the hands in the poker in ascending order is high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight ,flush ,full house, four of a kind, straight flush and lastly royal flush . The royal flush is extremely rare. There are multiple versions of the game as well called five-card stud, five-card draw; Omaha hold em poker, Texas hold-em poker, and seven-card stud poker.

Roulette: The game involves a lot of precision and many luck .The player then places his chips on the numbers printed on the table. The whole table has numbers that start from 0 and go up to 36. The number 00 is the lucky number. There are additional betting opportunities for the players. They can opt to bet on even or odd possibility of occurrence of the number. They can place their bets on red and black occurrence of the number, low 18 and high 18, first column, second column, third column, low and low middle or high 12. The dealer first will spin the roulette wheel in a clockwise direction and will throw in the ball later, the number on which the ball lands on wins.

Slots: Slot machines are machines on which many games can be played. In brick and mortar casinos, the coins are entered into the machine and the handles are pulled. Then the wheel spins. New machines have simulated wheels and older machines had mechanical wheels. Once the wheel stops, the patterns on the wheel determine the outcome of the game. On the online casino Malaysia, the concept is similar. The wager is placed and then a click of the button makes the patterns change and finally rest on one.

Baccarat: The player playing baccarat has three options before him. The options are to be either the Player or the Tie or the Banker. The dealer deals two cards after all the players have placed their bets. One hand is the banker hand, while the other hand is a player hand. After the hands have been added up, if the total value of hands goes over 10, then the 10 is dropped . If a hand is equivalent to 10 then the hand becomes equal to zero or baccarat. The higher of the two hands will be the winning hand.

Wheel of Fortune: The online version of this game is highly entertaining. The players place the bets on any of the six symbols in the game. The wheel is spun. In the online casino Malaysia, the wheel is a simulated wheel, which looks like a big wheel with 52 sections, which are then, segregated using the pins. After the wheel has come to a halt, the symbol, which the wheel is pointing at, will be the winning symbol.

Pontoon Card game: this is a similar game that is found in the casinos. If the player wants to win , he is supposed to take the fewest number of the decks that are found inside the shoe in online casino Malaysia

Rummy game: The main aim of the rummy game is in fact to improve the hand, which the player has been dealt with. This can be done when the player gets his turn to play. This can be done ,by drawing the cards from the stock or intercepting the card that has been thrown away by the opponent .

Keno: This game is a lottery game that involves the player receiving a card that is numbered between 1 and 80. After this, the player is required to pick up the wager and 20 numbers. The caller announces the 20 numbers and the player accruing the most number of matching numbers wins.

Online casino Malaysia games can be easily accessed at 24 hours in a day and during all times of a year. For example playing at an online casino game will enable you to access the game without standing in a long line. Some online casinos give a double deposit bonus on signing up as well. For every one unit of currency deposited you get two units of currency in return.